Encrypt Decrypt (Java)

Encrypt Decrypt Java iconEncrypt Decrypt is a Java application for the security conscious to encrypt/decrypt plain text and binary files using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption with a symmetric plain text key.

The cryptographic key is derived with PBKDF2 using a 64-bit random Salt along with the specified plain text key. A total of 25,600 iterations are used while generating the cryptographic key to improve cryptographic strength and protect against brute force attack. Salt helps to prevent vulnerability to dictionary attack.

While encrypting plain text, the encrypted text is encoded to Base64 so as to allow easy saving, sharing and transmission. For binary files, output is an encrypted binary file.

While encrypting files, a CRC32 checksum based on the first 8KiloBytes of the file content is also saved with the encrypted data to validate file integrity after decryption.

The application being a Java runnable archive can be run on any supporting platform. Application has been tested on various Windows versions, Linux and MacOS, with both Oracle Java Runtime Environment and OpenJDK Virtual Machine.

Download JAR file: Encrypt Decrypt (Java).

Hash of the JAR file (encrypt-decrypt.jar):
MD5  : cf7236060d0e41d8fc87969c43e6a0bf
SHA-1: dd2eefbaf5efd2124be44f17e72292d6412664a7

Note: You need to have Java Runtime Environment installed for your platform.

For using on an Android device use the app Encrypt Decrypt (Download from Google Play Store).

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