Indian JOG Maps

This section has map images of India for use with Deesha created from available scans of US Defence Agency 1:2,50,000 scale Joint Operations Graphic maps (Source: [Graphical index] and

You can click on the available maps in the index to download a zip file of 1°×1° area containing:

  1. JPEG file of map image.
  2. CSV file of map image settings for Deesha.
  3. KML file with ground/image overlay for Google Earth.
Interactive index for Indian JOG map images for Deesha Android app

Using With Deesha

To use with Deesha:

  1. Download the ZIP file.
  2. Extract the contents of ZIP file (one CSV, JPEG and KML file each).
  3. Copy at least the CSV and JPEG file to 'Deesha' folder created on your device storage.
    Note: With newer versions of Deesha you can also create a separate folder within 'Deesha' folder to keep mapimages, say 'maps' or 'mapimages', and copy these file to that folder.
  4. Start Deesha.
  5. Open 'Settings' and then 'Map'.
  6. Enable 'Map Images' if not already enabled.
  7. Click 'Import Settings'.
  8. Browse to location of files and select the CSV file to import.

Methodology of Creation

The original images have been made into map images as follows:

  1. Skew of image adjusted to make the sides (neatlines on map) vertical/horizontal with Photoshop and image cropped to the sides (neatlines).
  2. Rectified with GlobalMapper (with rectification points at every 30'/0.5° in both vertical/horizontal).
  3. Individual maps created of 1°×1°.
  4. Images saved as JPEG with filesize not more than 2MiB with Photoshop.
  5. Naming of image is:
    <North Latitude>_<East Longitude>_<South Latitude>_<West Longitude>_JOG_<Year of Map>
    e.g. '25N_94E_24N_93E_JOG_1966'.


  1. Users are warned to check the maps for accuracy as maps may be quite old in some cases.
  2. Elevation Units
    1. Certain maps have elevation in metres while others have in feet.
    2. Some maps which are made from combination of 30' (0.5°) horizontal stretch of two maps may have BOTH metres and feet.
  3. Please check the original map scans which have detailed instruction.