Deesha - Manual


Main Screen

Deesha starts with this screen by default. The main screen has two modes:

Normal Mode

This is the default screen which opens when Deesha is started and while not navigating. You can use it to gain basic position information. Following is displayed:

Deesha Android app Main screen in normal mode

Navigation Mode

While navigating additional information in addition to the Normal Mode is displayed on the Main Screen:

Deesha Android app Main screen in Navigation mode

Map View

App Bar/Action Bar/Menu Options

Following options are accessible from the App Bar/Action Bar/Menu:

Deesha Internet Extension

With Deesha 2.0 or higher, you can install 'Deesha Internet Extension' to enable Google Maps based maps in Deesha. Deesha Google Maps Extension gives the following additional permissions which are required exclusively for Google Maps, to the app:

Deesha Internet Extension on Play Store.

Support For Shared Locations

Deesha will register itself for handling locations shared via:

For example clicking on hyperlink of a location should generate a prompt 'Open with'. Wherein you can choose Deesha.
Deesha Android app 'Comple action using' dialog for location hyperlink

Similar option will be given for handling locations shared via 'geo' URI intents.

For Location SMS, you can configure the action.

Deesha will give you following options for received locations:
Deesha Android app 'Location Received' dialog

You can thus effortlessly share locations with other users of Deesha by including the GoogleMaps link of a location while sharing the location or by directly sending Location SMS.

Deesha will also register to open JPEG files and will read any Exif location tags.

CSV File Columns

Deesha supports following operations from CSV files:

The columns are as follows:


  1. In Decimal Degrees, with a minus value denoting West of Prime Meridian.
  2. In Decimal Degrees, with a minus value denoting Southern Hemisphere.
  3. In CSV files for 'Batch Conversion > Save Locations' and 'Waypoints Export' with 'Decimal Minute (DD°MM.mmm')/Decimal Seconds (DD°MM'SS.s")' format, the Longitude/Latitude will be saved accordingly.
  4. In metres.
  5. In metres (optional).

Background Behaviour

Deesha will continue to run in the background unless exited properly or force closed. This allows location data to be updated continuously. Please note that this will also lead to faster consumption of battery than normal operation due to the location sensor staying on. While Deesha is running (in foreground or background) a notification is shown. The notification can be tapped to return to Deesha.


Sun/Moon Ephemerides courtesy Tomás Alonso Albi (Blog:

Special thanks to following for beta testing and suggestions:-

  1. Jonathan Varun Benjamin.
  2. Vinay Yadav.
  3. Bikiran Kumar Dash.

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