Deesha - Privacy


The developer is committed to safeguarding the user's privacy. Firstly no information of private nature is collected by the app. All information which is saved internally by the app is transparent to the user i.e. users last location, waypoints etc.

None of the collected information is shared in any form, by the app with the developer or any third party without prior information to the user.

As a commitment to privacy and security, by default the app does not actually have access to internet.


As part of feedback about the app, which the user may choose to submit, some information of private nature may be shared.

Firstly, all such information is shared in a completely transparent manner with full knowledge of the user.

Secondly, the developer makes a commitment to not divulge or share any of this information. Any such information will be stored in the best possible secure manner, available to the developer.

Google Maps

User may choose to optionally use Google Maps with the app. Please understand that the developer does not have any control on any information being collected by Google or Google Maps. The developer cannot be held liable for the same.


The above is true for a default/general secure device setup. The developer cannot be held liable for a the user's information being compromised due to weakness in the mobile device due to 'rooting' or any other system modification(s).

Privacy Queries

In case of any privacy queries related to the app, please feel free to get in touch with the app developer.