Settings for Garmin - Indian Grid System


Incorrect Support for Indian Grid in Garmin Devices

Garmin navigation devices do not natively have correct support for Indian Grid.

This is due to no option/support for 'Indian (India & Nepal)' datum. The closest datum is 'Indian (Bangladesh)' datum. However, the latter results in error across all the Zones, in coordinates of 07m on an average, with a maximum of 15m!

Settings for Indian Grid

However, it is possible to setup Garmin navigation devices with certain settings to get more accurate Indian Grid coordinates.

  1. Open 'Main Menu'. This involves pressing the 'Page' key till 'Main Menu' is selected:
    Garmin GPS Page Menu
  2. In 'Main Menu' open 'Setup', which is generally the first option:
    Garmin GPS Main Menu > Setup
  3. In 'Setup' menu, scroll to 'Position Format':
    Garmin GPS Setup Menu > Position Format
  4. In 'Position Format' menu, there are three sub menus:
    1. Position Format
    2. Map Datum
    3. Map Spheroid
    Garmin GPS Position Format screen
  5. Open 'Position Format' sub menu and select the last option in the list, 'User Grid':
    Garmin GPS Position Format > User Grid
  6. Selecting 'User Grid' will open a menu with title 'Grid Projection'. Here select 'Lambert Conic 1 Parallel':
    Garmin GPS Grid Projection > Lambert Conic 1 Parallel
  7. On selecting 'Lambert Conic 1 Parallel', you will be asked to specify the parameters:
    Garmin GPS Lambert Conic 1 Parallel screen
    The above shows sample parameters for Zone IIA.
    Specify the parameters as per your zone:
    Zone False Easting False Northing Scale Longitude Origin Latitude Origin /
    Latitude of Parallel One
    0 +02153866.4 +02368292.9 +00.9984615 E068°00'00.00" N 39°30'00.00"
    IA +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E068°00'00.00" N 32°30'00.00"
    IB +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E090°00'00.00" N 32°30'00.00"
    IIA +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E074°00'00.00" N 26°00'00.00"
    IIB +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E090°00'00.00" N 26°00'00.00"
    IIIA +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E080°00'00.00" N 19°00'00.00"
    IIIB +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E100°00'00.00" N 19°00'00.00"
    IVA +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E080°00'00.00" N 12°00'00.00"
    IVB +02743196.4 +00914398.8 +00.9987864 E104°00'00.00" N 12°00'00.00"
  8. Press quit to get back to 'Position Format' menu. Next select 'Map Datum'. In this sub menu, select 'User':
    Garmin GPS Position Format Screen > Map Datum
  9. You will be prompted to specify the datum transformation parameters. Enter as show below:
    Garmin GPS Datum Transformation parameters
  10. Press 'Quit' to get back to 'Position Format' menu. Next select the sub menu 'Map Spheroid'. In the next sub menu select 'Everest (Sarawak)':
    Garmin GPS Map Spheroid > Everest (Sarawak)
    Note: 'Everest (Sarawak)' is not the same as 'Everest 1956' which should have been used, but it has the closest values to 'Everest 1956'.
  11. The 'Position Format' menu should now look like this:
    Garmin GPS Position Format Menu
  12. The device will now show more accurate Indian Grid coordinates:
    Garmin GPS Kalyanpur waypoint
  13. With these settings, the coordinates have been tested to be within about 01m of correct values.