Are You A Good Guest?

According to an old Portuguese proverb, there are two kind of guests - those that give
immense pleasure in their coming and those who give immense pleasure when they leave!!!...
Which one are you?
  1. When staying with out-of-town friends, you generally:
  2. You'd love to help out in kitchen, but your hostess says she prefer handing that department alone. You:
  3. A special party has been arranged for you, & scheduled for 8:00 PM. You arrive at:
  4. When it comes to leaving a party, you're generally:
  5. At a party, if you don't know the other guests, you usually:
  6. How often do you:
    1. Bring alone a gift for your host, hostess or their kids?
    2. Break dates?
    3. Eat more than you planned to at a party?
    4. Arrive late for a dinner party?
    5. Drop in unannounced?
    6. Make long distance calls on your host's phone?
    7. Monopolies your host or hostess during a party?
    8. Dominate a conversation?
    9. Leave personal possessions behind?
    10. Write a thank you card for being invited?
    11. Give in to the urge to have a quick look at your host/hostess personal diary?
  7. At friend's party, you manage to break an expensive vase. You:
  8. You don't known the host/hostess is too well but would like to bring along something edible, but relatively 'safe'. You bring along:
  9. The couples you're spending the weekend with indulge in a shouting match. You:
  10. Even while visiting, we all have our tolerance levels. Where do you draw the line?
    (Choose as many or as few as you wish)
  11. You're staying at a friend's beach house & you have another friend staying nearby. You:
  12. While staying over for the weekend, you find yourself strangely attracted to your hostess' boyfriend/girlfriend. You:
  13. An old friend offers to put up while you're visiting her city. You decide to stay:
  14. Are the following statements true or false of your house guest style?
    1. You tend to observe certain bedroom rituals (e.g. reading before bed, or a glass of milk before sleeping) no matter where you are.
    2. You get up, go to bed, at around the same time as your hosts do.
    3. Your room is always kept scrupulously clean.
    4. At least once during your stay, you chip in for groceries or arrange to take your host out to dinner.
    5. You wouldn't leave home without taking along an interesting book or magazine.
    6. Playing weekend host is really not your cup of tea.
    7. You'd rather face Chinese torture than reveal that your hostess snores or that her husband made a pass at you.
© Deep Pradhan, 2018